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4 Amazing Things to Do in Northern Ethiopia

Honey Mead Ethiopia

Full of wonderful sights and experiences, you can paint the town red & explore Northern Ethiopia for a taste of Africa’s less visited areas. Plug in to a vibrant culture and great food make this a must-do for any serious traveller, & it won’t damage your finances too harshly.

Try the local drinks

Tej, a fermented honey wine that can be sweet or dry, is something you can’t miss if you’re into alcoholic beverages. There are other local wines and beers to enjoy, as well as the local firewater, Araqe, and Tella, a homebrew that is similar to beer and made from sorghum or millet.

If you prefer non-intoxicating drinks, then you definitely need to check out a coffee ceremony. Served in small cups after being brewed in clay pots, you’ll be given a nice snack to enjoy alongside your tasty coffee.

Hike the Simien Range

70% of Africa’s mountains are in Ethiopia, so it makes sense that one of the most stunning ranges is there!

Go on short guided hikes, or trek over multiple days, to take in the spectacular scenery and see the many animals that call this range home. From over 180 species of bird to wolves and baboons, animal lovers will be in heaven.

Visit the Gheralta Churches

There are 30 churches that have been chiselled out of the outcrops and mountains of Gheralta, and while some require some skill and dexterity to get to, others are much more accessible.

The views from these churches will take your breath away, and getting to see their religious culture up close is an incredible privilege.

Visit Harar

Harar was established over 1000 years ago, and is full of colour and life. Instagrammers, this town is your dream come true! Gorgeous houses, streets, mosques and the wonderful spice market will have you snapping pictures constantly. Harar is also home to a museum dedicated to Arthur Rimbaud, a French Poet who used to reside in the town, and is an interesting visit for history buffs.

An activity for those who are into wildlife is taking a tour (or going by tuk-tuk or taxi) to watch the ‘hyena man’ feed the hyena local to the area. You can feed the hyena too, using meat attached to sticks – getting up close and personal with these beasts is an experience you’ll never forget!

While you may not have considered Northern Ethiopia before, it’s an exciting place with a rich culture that will make you wonder why more people aren’t travelling there!

Amazing Foods To Try When You Travel To Italy

Aside from the great places to visit in Italy, travellers visit the country because of its amazing food. There are hundreds or even thousands of places to fill your stomach with the most amazing Italian deliciousness, no matter where you are in Italy.

Taste Rome’s Spaghetti

Your food hunting in Italy will never be completed if you do not visit Rome. There are a lot of great places to visit and you will never run out of things to do. Once you are in in the city, get a big bowl of carbonara which is composed of fresh eggs, hard cheese, guanciale, and a sprinkle of pepper.

After enjoying your carbonara, visit the Colosseum and take photos of the Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona, and Pantheon.

Tiramisu in Venice

Venice is one of the best places in the country to visit. It is one of the most beautiful cities not just in Italy, but in the world. And let us not forget their food. One sweet treat that you can enjoy once in Venice is its Tiramisu. Made from egg yolks, savoirdi, mascarpone, strong espresso and little cocoa – it real treats most will love to eat.

Mondeghili in Milan

Mondeghili is similar to beef meatballs that were introduced by the Spaniards almost 500 years ago. It was known to be a peasants food but is now known to be the dish of the city. After enjoying this meal, make sure to go to the La Scala Opera, the Santa Maria Della Grazie, where you can find “Last Supper” made famous by Leonardo da Vinci.

The City Of St. Petersburg – A Romantic Getaway In Russia

honeymoon destinationSt. Petersburg has the makings of a great honeymoon destination. It may take weeks to really explore and take in all the interesting sites and sample everything it has to offer, but one thing is for certain, a honeymoon travel destination in St. Petersburg will truly give couples a memorable experience.

Start the honeymoon right by staying in the five-star Hotel Astoria with rooms looking out to the golden dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Places like the Hermitage and Opera House are mere steps away. This historic hotel was made even more famous because of its appearance in the classic Bond movie and where celebs like Madonna, The Doors, and the iconic Rolling Stones had dropped by.

Step out of your suite and descend the grand winding staircase for that postcard-worthy shot and hang out in the hotel lounge where you can enjoy a sampling of Vodka together with three kinds of caviar paired with blinis with all the fixings. Couples can indulge themselves with a real taste of Russian cuisine at the Astoria Restaurant.

After a hearty meal, take a stroll along canals lined with aristocratic mansions. The 342 bridges that come alive at night cross the canals at different points. This is why the city of St. Petersburg, built on some 100 islands, is known as the Venice of the North. This alone should make couples fall on love with this city.

Former imperial palaces turned museums housing artefacts offers a great treat of the nation’s history. Another must-see attraction in St. Petersburg is the famous Church of Our Saviour of the Spilled Blood with its famous candy-coloured onion domes.

When strolls and site visits have become tiring, couples can take a sip of culture and take a trip to the ballet. “The Nutcracker” performed in one of Russia’s oldest opera houses, the Mikhailovsky Theatre is surely a must-see play.

Popular Beach Destinations For Honeymooning Couples

beach destinationsIt’s just right to put much thought into your honeymoon because it’s the most romantic trip of your life. If you have no idea what to do or where to go to celebrate your honeymoon, then consider going on a romantic getaway to one of the following breath-taking beach destinations in the world. Here’s our pick of those popular places for honeymooners to consider to keep the wedding’s romantic vibes flowing.


Soufriere in Saint Lucia France boasts immaculate beaches and striking scenery thanks to a lively green rainforest. It’s the perfect beach getaway with your significant other with white sandy beaches and the most romantic sunsets. The views of the nearby Piton volcano offers unrivalled picture-perfect moments with your husband or wife.


The island of Rangali in the Maldives is a favourite destination for those seeking some privacy. The island is secluded and is only a 30-minute plane ride from the capital of Male. If it’s an intimate beach destination you are looking for, then Rangali is the place for you. Luxury travel agents point out that this award-winning tropical destination is a very popular choice for beach lovers the world over.

Praia da Marinha

One of Europe’s highly ranked beaches, Praia da Marinha in Portugal should be on your list of must-go-to romantic beach destinations. Situated on the southernmost Algarve region in Portugal, this island is a favourite destination for vacationers. Stunning views of surrounding cliffs on one side and crystal clear blue waters on the other gives you no excuse not to go with your significant other soonest!

Destination Guide – Best Things To Do In Italy

italy destination guideThere are many reasons why Italy is a wonderful holiday destination. For one, the country is teeming of good foods to go with adventure and history. If you are planning for a vacation in this country in Southern Europe, here are some of the best things to do:

Ride a vintage Vespa in Tuscany

When visiting the streets of Florence and the Tuscan countryside, you will experience the feel of the wind as you watch the olive trees, rolling hills, vineyards and Tuscany homes as you pass by. And, there is no better way to experience all that through the use of a vintage Vespa.

While you are not Gregory Peck and your passenger is not Audrey Hepburn, but you will feel like you are in 1953 while riding those two-wheeled toys. Don’t worry because you don’t need a special license to drive a Vespa, as long as it is 49cc or less.

Go Truffle Hunting

If you truly want a unique adventure in Italy, you can go truffle hunting in the wild. Truffles are that earthy goodness that can be dug on the ground by a trained truffle dog. You can try hunting truffles in Bologna and Emilia Romagna where local tour operators can provide you with this outdoor hunting adventure.

After truffle hunting, your local tour operator will arrange a delicious dinner at a local restaurant where they can expect the great dishes Italy is famous for and of course, a taste of the truffles they found.

Enjoy the Ferry Network

When you visit Lake Garda, you will enjoy its ferry network that connects the picturesque towns that is in Italy’s largest lake. Feel more relaxed as you travel by ferry and enjoy the unique views of the lake.

Visit Sirmione as this is most popular of southern Lake Garda. The stunning town offers great hotels, restaurants, shops, and so on.

Spend time in the Wineries in Tuscany

Tuscany is popular for its wines and a visit to some Chianti wineries will just complete your European holiday tour.

Visit the 10th oldest winery in the region which is Antinori, but also try some of the well-established and historical Chianti Classico appellations that are made with Trebbiano, Canaiolo, Sangiovese, Malvasia.

Walk in Rome

How about a free walking tour in one of the most popular city in Italy – Rome. When you walk around the town, you will be able to learn more about the history of the city from a local. The free walking tour has three different runs such as the Vatican tour that is scheduled from Monday to Saturday at 10 am; the Colosseum tour which can also be done from Monday to Saturday at 10 am; and the City tour that has a Sunday schedule at 10 am. Each tour last for two hours.

Uniquely Enticing Destinations To Consider For Your Next Vacation

enticing destinationsThere are many exciting destinations that are gaining new levels of global attention. If you are planning for an exotic holiday, here are some enticing destinations you should consider for your next vacation.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the beautiful capital city of Portugal and is one of the most attractive and lively cities of Europe. The panoramic views of the Mediterranean skies, pastel houses and red roofs are just some of the many interesting attractions you will enjoy. If you want to explore centuries of decorative ceramic tiles, visit the National Azulejo Museum.

Banff, Canada

You should see the lively northern lights in Banff. If you spending time on outdoor activities, there’s plenty of that in Banff. Enjoy cool outdoor fun from skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and mountain hiking.

Puebla, Mexico

A good Mexico vacation is not just about the beach and an umbrella drink. Since the earthquake that hit the city in September 2017, the historical places in Puebla, Mexico, is slowly recovering. You will marvel from the city’s culture and the dazzling architecture. Also, Puebla houses some of the best Mexican foods that every traveller should try.


This small African country offers plenty of national parks and forests. You can explore and see the picturesque wildlife come to life in Nyungwe Forest and Verdant National Park. There’s no surprise why this central African country is one of the most popular unique travel destinations.

You should include these unique and stunning destinations in your travel plan. There are many diverse travel destinations waiting for you to be explored.

National Park Destinations To Visit With Your Special Someone

national park destinationsIf you enjoy great outdoors, then there are very exciting outdoor destinations that you should consider in your next leisure travel plan. Escape to the secluded islands and tropical beaches is surely a place you want to experience with your special someone. Couples will love to explore these heck out these beautiful national park destinations.

Dry Tortugas National Park

The Florida Keys are known for the white sandy beaches of the Key West. Here you will find the Dry Tortugas National Park, a place of great beauty, history and solitude. You can take a ferry or a seaplane to get to this destination. It is home to Fort Jefferson, a massive but unfinished coastal fortress in the Americas. You can schedule a day trip or camp out and spend the night under the stars.

The real attraction of this national park is the 16-acre reef located offshore that is perfect for snorkelling and the occasional dolphin sightings. The Dry Tortugas National Park is a definite add to your bucket list.

Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park offers an unbelievable and dreamlike experience like no other. Located in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi Province, this national park is home for the famous Erawan Falls.

A misty emerald waterfall features 7 tiers that are accessed via trails and footbridges. You will love the rich natural attraction of leafy forests, unique limestone caves filled with natural stalactite and stalagmite formations, and several trails frequently used by elephants, boar, and deer. You can take a dip in one of the turquoise pools the falls are famous for and enjoy the beautiful surrounding.